Current Projects

My completed short story collection, WE LOVE ANDERSON COOPER could be described as the uncircumcised love child of Karen Russell and Isaac Bashevis Singer. In the collection, characters are treated as outsiders because of their sexual orientation, racial or religious identity, or simply because they look different. At his bar mitzvah, a young man courts the publicity that comes from outing himself and his boyfriend. When a painter is shunned because of his appearance, he inks tattoos that turn into living flesh. Cut out of her partner’s will and upper-crust world, a collection agent finds friendship and work with the philandering carpenter who fixes her floor. Bias against a young girl leads her to commit a horrific crime. A Jewish actuary suspects his cat of cheating on him with his Protestant girlfriend.

In the collection, humor complements pathos, and magic softens harsh realities. Readers will recognize themselves in these stories and in protagonists whose backgrounds may not match their own because we’ve all been outsiders at one time or another. Will Allison says, “Maizes’s precise prose crackles with humor, insight, and a big heart for her cast of memorable characters. WE LOVE ANDERSON COOPER marks the arrival of a vibrant new voice in American fiction.”

One of the stories, “The Infidelity of Judah Maccabee,” aired on NPR’s Hanukkah Lights special, hosted by Susan Stamberg and Murray Horwitz. “A Cat Called Grievous” is forthcoming in Electric Literature’s Required Reading. Other stories have appeared in Witness, Bellevue Literary Review, Blackbird, and Brain, Child. The stories have received honors and have been performed on stage.